2018 Western Territory Staff Conference held at the Hilton Portland Oregon  June 1 - 3.

It was a great itme for the Staff to connect and share ideas and listen to great speakers and be involved in great discussions. Below are a few phontos of the event.

The Stage is set

                                        Gary Allen opens the Conference                                       Noel gives his words of wisdom                                 Noel and Caryn hard at work
Gary Allen   Noel  Noel and Caryn

                                           Herm Buren from LL 1432                      Jeff Merkley and some of the W24 Staff                           The Honable Jeff Merkley
Herm Buren   Jeff Merkley  Honorable Jeff Merkley

m                                                           Carol Crone  receives a HAWK Medallion Award                Caryn Kaufmann receives a HAWK Medallion Award

Carol               Caryn

Ron McGaha Says...

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