IAM Members at work

District W24 applauds C-TRAN and the members that work there.

October 3, 2018,
C-TRAN was honored to receive an award during Clark County's
18th Annual Celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month.
During the event, C-TRAN was recognized as Public Employer of the Year.

For many years, C-TRAN has partnered with local organizations to provide job
opportunities for workers with special needs. Our janitor/hostler group -- IAM Members Cristi Morrow,
Doug McPherson, Shawn Lorang and Karl Clark -- are among the most highly regarded
members of our Maintenance team. We're proud to call them our colleagues, and proud
to see these outstanding employees recognized for the outstanding work they do.

Many thanks to Clark County and other partners who continue to advocate for this great cause.

Please enjoy the pictures from that night, I think everyone was having a good time.

Supervisor Kory Liedtke, Shawn Lorang, Christine  Morrow, Doug McPherson, Tim Shellenberger (back), Celia Sherbeck, Supervisor Glenn Hanning (back),
Vancouver Mayor and C-TRAN board member Anne McNerny-Ogle, Shawn Donaghy (not pictured: Karl Clark)

First row: Todd, Kory, Christine, Doug, Shawn L, Celia
Second row: Glenn (hidden), Shawn D, Paratransit Manager Walt Gordon (hidden), IAMAW Business Representative Dwain Panian, Tim, Shellenberger

Kory, Shawn, Doug, Christine

Kory at the podium, good times for all.

Christine greeting Mayor Anne

Kory, Shawn, Christine, Doug, Tim, Celia, Glenn (hidden), Mayor Anne, Shawn Picture time.

Christine, Doug, Shawn, Todd, Kory

Todd (in the back), Christine, Doug, Shawn, Todd, Paratransit Manager Walt Gordon (in the back), Kory. Congratulations C TRAN

Glenn, Doug, Shawn, Christine, Walt having a good time.

Glann, Shawn, Doug, Christine, Award Winners Nice Job.

We are one big family
First row you can see the left most seat, Christie’s mother (on the left end), father (in the Blue Shirt), son, Christie. 
Next row, Glenn (Standing), Shawn  (hidden) , Doug, Supervisor Todd Hamilton, Supervisor Kory

2018 what a great year.
Proud IAM Members Christie Morrow 20+ years, Doug McPherson about 5 years, Shawn Lorang 20+ years ,Karl Clark 25+ years (not shown)

When asked what her favorite thing about working for C-TRAN is, Morrow emphasizes that she loves to help other employees. She also loves cleaning new buses
and attending various C-TRAN events. Morrow has a tremendous amount of pride in what she does. She rides the bus to work almost every day, and wants to make
sure the buses are clean for the drivers and riders. Every week, Job Coach April Burton visits during the graveyard shift to check in and help if needed.

Recently, Doug was on vacation and was more worried about work and who would do his job, a true testimony to his commitment.
Karl loves sports, and will talk about them all day. The Portland Trailblazers are his favorite basketball team, and Damian Lillard is his favorite player.

. “They are probably the most committed people we have in our workforce,” says fleet maintenance supervisor Kory Liedtke.
“They actually care. They look at us as compadres, and I look at them the same way. They lighten the mood around here.”

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