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Buying Union

The Holidays will be here soon, and it’s important to recognize the working people who make this holiday happen. 
First responders who will be on-call and ready to save lives, grocery and retail workers pulling extra hours to prepare
for the onslaught of customers, transit workers to provide safe rides home, and the union members who make
cutlery, flatware, food and beverages that our Thanksgiving traditions are built upon to name a few.

This year make your Holiday dinner a union-made meal. 
Support the members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM); 
the Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastics and Allied Workers (GMP); the Machinists (IAM); UNITE HERE; 
the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW); the United Steel Workers (USW); 
the United Farm Workers (UFW); and the Teamsters (IBT).

Here's a list to help guide your shopping:

Set the Table

       Anchor Hocking (GMP)

       Bennington Potters (UNITE HERE)

       Clauss knives (USW)

       Corning-Ware (USW)

       Fiestaware (GMP)

       Homer Laughlin china (GMP)

       Libbey glassware (USW and GMP)

       Pyrex (USW)

Fresh Whole Turkey

       Butterball (UFCW)

       Foster Farms (UFCW)


       Appleton Farms ham (UFCW)

       Butterball ham (UFCW)

       Cook's ham (UFCW)

       Farmland old-fashioned pit ham (UFCW)

       Farmland original pit ham (UFCW)

       Hormel honey roasted ham (UFCW)

       Tyson ham (UFCW)


       Manischewitz (UFCW)

       Stroehmann bakery products (BCTGM)


       Andy Boy (UFW)

       Birds Eye (UFCW)

       Eurofresh (UFCW)

       Mann's (UFCW)

       Muranaka Farm (UFW)

       Sunripe (UFCW)

Cranberries/Cranberry Sauce

       Dole (IBT)

       Ocean Spray (IAM)


       Betty Crocker specialty potatoes (BCTGM)

       Dole fresh potatoes (IBT)

       Mann's fresh culinary cuts sweet potatoes (UFCW)


       Aunt Millie's bread products (UFVW)

       Pillsbury rolls (BCTGM)

       Stroehmann bakery products (BCTGM)


       Banquet fruit pies (UFCW)

       Entenmann's (BCTGM)

       Marie Callender's (UFCW)

       Pillsbury pie crust (BCTGM)

       Sara Lee (BCTGM)

Pie Filling

       Del Monte fresh apples (IBT)

       Food Club canned pumpkin (UFCW)

       Kroger pumpkin pie (UFCW)

To find more union-made in America products, visit Union Label and Service Trades Department 

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